Police Station

Police stations can be alien, daunting environments but one of the most important areas to receive the best possible advice to get things right from the beginning.

Whether it be a knock at the door or blue lights behind your car, being arrested on suspicion of an offence will make you feel vulnerable and at risk of making a mistake owing to confusion and panic. At Chiltern Law we have years of experience in the police station representations, dealing with minor offences, complicated frauds and major serial crimes. Our police station solicitors have been training people to advise in the police station for the last 10 years. Whatever the reason for your arrest it is important to get it right from the beginning. Sometimes getting it right will mean that there is insufficient evidence to charge.

Sometimes, there is overwhelming evidence where charge is inevitable – making the right decisions will then make it easier during proceedings. So much can go wrong so never think that you can manage yourself. So many people have come to us after interview to represent them – it is often a case of damage limitation thereafter.

Try not to worry that the police will think you are guilty if you ask for a solicitor – it is your right to have a solicitor in the interview so take advantage of this. Suspects often ask for police station solicitors and get somebody less qualified or somebody they didn’t ask for as it is often viewed as less important, but with Chiltern Law, you are guaranteed to get police station representation from a fully qualified legal professional every time.

If you have been interviewed without a solicitor you might want to contact us to discuss your circumstances. You might be on police bail, you might have made arrangements to attend the police station – whatever the scenario, call Chiltern Law for advice and let us take the strain on your behalf and you will receive the best advice possible.

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