MTIC fraud is becoming far more common place. The investigation and criminal proceedings can often take years and may well involve hundreds of thousands of statements and exhibits. Our fraud solicitors have experience with VAT frauds and other similar financial conspiracies.

Whether it be an internal preliminary investigation or a police station interview – what is important is that you get the best advice from expert fraud solicitors at the start of the matter. The active defence of these matters will involve instructing forensic accountants and we only instruct the best experts for our clients.

VAT Tribunals often see traders before them despite the individual having no means of knowing that a fraud had taken place. Such frauds usually involve a missing trader where an importer will sell goods including VAT (where he has paid none on import) and then fail to account to HMRC for the VAT charged. The goods are usually then traded through a number of “buffer companies” and then finally exported by a “broker company” who ultimately will apply to the HMRC for the VAT it has been charged by the supplier.

Such VAT claims are often subject to investigation by HMRC and can take many months involving large amounts of VAT payments being withheld pending investigation. Such traders can appeal the decision to withhold VAT to the VAT Tribunal and Chiltern Law’s fraud lawyers can represent traders at the appeal. Our knowledge of appeals and MTIC fraud will assist with our investigation and representations made to the tribunal to recover the VAT.

Proceeds of crime and money laundering feature more and more in criminal proceeding owing to legislation and a more organised economic crime unit within the police service. POCA applications are often left until the end of criminal proceedings but some preliminary applications are made when property is recovered upon arrest. These applications can be defended and we have experience in all aspects of POCA applications. This often leads to the return of the property if defended properly and evidence to rebut the Crown’s cases is presented. We can help with all aspects relating to criminal proceeds dealt with under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Bribery and corruption has been given a new lease of life since the 1st July 2011 by virtue of the Bribery Act 2010. This was implemented to counter bribery and corruption in corporation and businesses alike. More prosecutions of this type will be seen owing to the new legislation and specialist units within the police. We have recently successfully defended a bribery and corruption allegation owing to careful analysis and tactical advice at the police station. It is important to get in touch from the start of any investigation as these investigations are dealt with by specialists in the police and have far reaching consequences. To arrange a fixed fee consultation, call our fraud solicitors today on 0800 7880 999

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