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Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis v DSD & Anor

Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis v DSD & Anor The judgement took almost a year but we finally have confirmation from the Supreme Court this week that the police can be liable for breaching Article 3 where they fall short with their investigation of crime...

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Post Sentence Supervision – should you be subject to it?

We have recently advised on the issue Post Sentence Supervision (PSS) and whether a client should be subject to these provisions. I am pleased to report a favourable outcome following our intervention with probation revoking PSS. Post Sentence Supervision provisions...

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Appealing solicitors

Darren Rogers has been advising and representing those convicted of criminal offences for the last 20 years.  He has the depth of experience and wisdom required to review proceedings and evidence and advise on appeals against conviction and sentence.  Most come to him...

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Englishman’s home is his castle, not quite..

  Tony Martin's case caught the public's attention following the shooting of Fred Barras (16) in 1999. Mr Martin was convicted of murder but later reduced to manslaughter following an appeal. Recently, Kenneth Hughill (83) was acquitted of GBH after just 24...

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“Professionalism and clarity”

I am proud to report that our excellent defence continues with a great result at Milton Keynes Magistrates Court.  Our client appeared for various breaches of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and thanks to our hard work and resolve the client achieved an...

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Acid attacks – a new phenomenon?

Acid attacks are seemingly a new phenomenon and are reported almost daily. However 6 years ago the NHS recorded 144 assaults with corrosive substances. However, the UK has one of the highest rates of recorded acid attacks in the world, so what can be done?

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Control of Asbestos Regulations

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 came into force on the 6th April 2012 but in reality it changed very little from the previous asbestos regulations.  It's very important not to take these regulations lightly.  They are far reaching and dealt with very...

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Robust defence wins the day

It has been a pleasure working with Mark Cotter QC on a matter before Oxford Crown Court.  The case required a lot of hard work with the client and professionals alike.  It was always going to be a tough case, especially with our client seemingly making admissions...

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A law nut to be ignored

Mohammed Zaman with his "cavalier attitude" is now serving 6 years following his conviction for manslaughter by gross negligence.  This comes very shortly after my previous blog on the same legal issues after the Hillsborough verdict. An Indian restaurant owner...

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Extradition – going the extra mile

We are currently advising and representing one of FBI's "Most Wanted" before Westminster Magistrates' Court.  It's challenging but equally rewarding working with 7 defence experts in the UK and USA. Extradition is a complex & challenging area involving, inter...

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The truth – Hillsborough and what next?

The Taylor Enquiry, an investigation by the DPP, Stewart-Smith's 'Enquiry' and then the truth.  The aforementioned have always been tainted with "cover ups" and a recalibration of what is the truth.  The police had even "edited" their statements for the Taylor enquiry...

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Joint enterprise – a good change?

Joint enterprise has been in the spotlight for sometime now, a change in the law was bound to happend sooner or later.. ...the Jogee decision is here. Forsight is no longer sufficient for a secondary party to be criminally responsible for the action(s) of a principal...

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Drug Driving – a year on.

The Crime and Courts Act 2013 created a new limit based offence of drug driving by inserting a new section 5A in the Road Traffic Act 1988.  Under the Act, a driver can be convicted if “the proportion of the drug in” his or her “blood or urine exceeds the specified...

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100 Percent Success Rate

Chiltern Law & Darren Rogers boasts a 100 percent success rate with exceptional hardship arguments. It pays dividends to prepare this argument carefully and meticulously. I have seen so many decent arguments being lost because of sloppy and lazy preparation. When...

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Carry On Custody

I have just watched Carry on Cabby with Sid James the hapless Mr Hawkins and his traditional 'draughty' black cabs. For those who remember, his wife played by Hattie Jacques starts "Glamcabs". The new firm with attractive female drivers starts to take "speedy cabs"...

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Operation Bullfinch

The Queen v AKHTAR DOGAR, ANJUM DOGAR, KAMAR JAMIL, MOHAMMED KARRAR, BASSAM KARRAR. Operation Bullfinch drew to a close this week seeing life sentences imposed by His Honour Judge Peter Rook QC at The Old Bailey. This operation revealed some of the worse grooming and...

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Stuart Hall – Unduly Lenient?

I have heard a lot of comment about this matter so thought it worth a blog. I think it important to set this debate in to context so refer you to the Judges's sentencing remarks so that you can see the details of the indictment and the aggravating/mitigating features...

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